Omaha CO Bluffs Chapter Chapter 2714

Mileage Challenge

We know you donít really need another reason to ride, but we have one anyway!

The OCB HOG Mileage Challenge is simply to see how many miles our chapter can accumulate each year.  More miles means - more fun!  Plus you get a chance to win a Great Prize.  Hereís how it works:

1.     For each 500 miles you ride and record, you get a ticket. Then at the December meeting you can entered your tickets into a drawing. The winner will receive 1/2 off the cost of pair tires at our dealer. So, the more miles you ride and record the more tickets you'll get and your chance to win go up.    

2.  You donít need to attend the chapter meetings to win; however, itís more fun if you do! 

3.   You must be an Omaha Co Bluffs Chapter member to participate.

4.    You may enter any of your Harley-Davidson or Buell motorcycles.

5.    You must register with a chapter officer to get started.  The information they will need is:

a.    Your National H.O.G number

b.    The make, model, and year of your Harley-Davidson or Buell

c.    The current mileage

6.    You may get credit for Fly-n-Ride miles by presenting your mileage receipt to a chapter officer.

7.    The Chapterís accumulated miles for the year resets after the December Chapter meeting this year.

8.    For this year please report your current mileage to any officer so we can get your mileage counter reset.

9.    Upon request, you must provide ďreasonable and timelyĒ viewing access to your motorcycle(s) odometer.    

10.   Our local Mileage Challenge is *not* associated with National H.O.Gís Mileage Contest.  You must enter each one separately.

The Fun part!

Once registered, you can update your current mileage(s) as often as you like via our website at  Just click on the Speed-O-Meter on our home page, enter your National HOG number and then the current mileage into the page next to your motorcycleís description.  Donít forget to press Submit.  Itís that easy!  Even a motorcyclist can do it.  

We encourage you to update your mileage often so we can all watch the chapter mileage grow.  We provide a list of miles recorded on the site but donít automatically show whose miles they are unless you allow us.  You opt-in on the same page that you update your mileage.     

Check here to allow others to view your mileage total ->

Some members have tried different strategies to better their odds of winning.  The best strategy is to ride and report your miles.

A bit of Omaha Co Bluffs HOG Mileage History

The purpose of the chapterís mileage challenge has always been to encouragement riders to get out, ride and have fun.  Beginning in 2000 through 2008, our mileage contest was divided into a summer and a winter season.  For each season, the top-3 menís and top-3 womenís highest recorded mileages were honored with recognition certificates and gift certificates from our dealership.  This worked as intended and got many members actively reporting their mileages, until it became apparent that the top mileage winners were often the same from season to season.  This caused those that couldnít ride as much to lose interest in the contest.  At the beginning of the 2009 winter season, it was decided to try something new to get the focus back to a chapter event that was fun for everyone.  To make it more exciting, the gift certificates that had been provided semi-annually were divided up to support the monthly drawings in which anyone could win.  The mileage challenge website was launched to allow members to keep track of their own mileages and watch the chapter mileage soar! 

Help us break new mileage records each year, get registered, ride and have fun, and increase your chance to win.